Monday, January 24, 2011

We Need A Resolution | 2011

If I was asked to describe last year, 2010, with one word it would ‘regret’. To be really honest with you, 2009 wasn’t the most amazing year of my life either.

A good friend once told me, “What doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger.” I can only answer that with saying “well honey, I am the freaking incredible hulk”, but alhamdulilah I am grateful for what Allah has blessed with me and these recent struggles will at least shed some sins off my back.

I realized that we all talk a good game till we are faced some fitna. So it’s important to pay heed to others mistakes and for starters, our own. Since we are a few weeks in,here are a few lessons I have learned that might help make 2011 the most amazing year of your life bidnillah.

1. Be Selfish With Your Time

Not too selfish, but put yourself first No one else will.
By that I mean, countless hours outside your home(masjid, friends, etc) are taking the time away from something. Time for you to reflect on where you stand with your life goals, and how to achieve those goals and desires. Don’t let time management issues or lack of prioritizing your life get the best of you.

2. Be Picky About Who You Keep Around You

Needless to say, not every person you keep around you is going to bring you benefit. Sometimes all you need is Allah and one good friend to keep you from not going insane due to seclusion.

3. The Double Edge Sword

Activism and volunteering come second nature to me. It’s really hard for me to just sit at home and only focus on simple day to day tasks (school, work, sleep, chores, cooking etc). I have to have meaning in life, I have to be involved in something bigger than myself. I have had myself neck deep in commitments for the past two years. The past couple of past were mt time to “trim the fat“ on my extracurricular activities. It was honestly too much fun, but unfortunately now i am bored out of my mine. Its time to see what I can do without overburdening myself.

So there you go, my problems of ‘09-’10 without the details. No room to breathe and think, too many friends and distractions plus volunteering overdrive. I forgot how to say no, I forgot how to put people in their place and most importantly and disturbingly, forgot myself in the process.

2011 and this new hijra year look very bright to me. I have examined the problems, reflected on the mistakes and I am now looking forward to making the changes. Unlike Obama’s campaign slogan, these changes will be changes you can REALLY believe in inshaAllah ta ala.


Kadra said...

Salamu alaykum

I think I may have had a better year than you but i love reminders, so jazak Allah kheir.

Trapped In This Dunya said...

wa alaykuma as salam

That is what I am here for Sr Kadra, for us to learn from each others mistakes and successes.