Monday, May 16, 2011

Radioactive Waste Surfaces in the Coastline of Somalia - Where is Jack Sparrow?

A barrel found in the Northern Easter region of Somali, Puntland after the 2005 Asian tsunami.

As if we haven’t been hearing rumors of this for years, finally some truth to the madness is spilled. Literally, the toxic poisons have been spilling on the shores of Somalia for years. Apparently soon after the civil war broke out, the not so honorable warlord Ali Mahdi Mohamed of the first transitional government was low on funds and eager to take the money of the European firms so they may be allowed to spill thousands of tons of barrels of toxins. The culprits behind this sickening news have not be captured, detained or murdered the way the pirates who first set out to defend their waters have been.

Here is one article to explain a bit about this:

Here is another recent article on how the Russians murdered 9 pirates on their ships:

I am not generally, yes generally, for thugs attacking ships to hold people ransom in order to loot and gain millions just for their own personal gain. What I am also extremely opposed to is European countries and their mafia firms targeting a defenseless countries and dumping thousands of tons of barrels of toxins off shore. It has been flowing onto the shores, killing and infecting the fish and now deformed infants and children plaguing the villages offshore, with nothing for them to eat and create a sustainable living with. For centuries, the people of Puntland and all along the coast of Somalia have lived off the natural resources of the sea.

It’s a sad world. The poor grow poorer, the weak and helpless have no fighting chance and when they try to do something about their ever growing problem the get labeled pirates, the ugly version not the Johnny Depp Pirates of the Caribbean version we love to watch...

Where is the UN, they have said they have been known about this for years. What is the Somalia transitional government doing? Should we expect nothing as usual?

Nothing can be done unless the people take matters into their own hands. May it be rallying for leaders who care or education in order to research methods of getting what we want done.

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un
We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return to.

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